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New Initiative of Journal Immunometabolism—“Immunometabolism Round-up”

We are pleased to announce a new initiative of Journal Immunometabolism—“Immunometabolism Round-up”.

For this project, the goal is to provide researchers the opportunity to read about a topic of their interest, on a monthly basis. The round-up is constructed of four parts. 

● Features & Opinions.  In this part, we would like to highlight emerging viewpoints arising from recently published papers (in high-profile journals). We aim to let young researchers know senior researchers’ opinions on emerging topics arising from recently published papers.  

Awards & International Collaboration Opportunities. To help scholars sustain their research in a time of pandemic, we collate funding/award/international exchange program opportunities. 

Recruitment. Science Jobs including PhD/postdoctoral positions, lecturer and senior lecturer vacancies, professorial appointments. 

Virtual Conferences. We collate upcoming Virtual Conferences and encourage researchers to attend to keep themselves up to date with ongoing developments in immunometabolism research.

The first issue of “Immunometabolism Round-up” will be released by the end of October 2020. We want this newsletter to be valuable to the scientific community and appreciate your feedback and suggestions to help us improve. 

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